Unknown Distribution for Metal Exclusive Variant of IDW Transformers #1?

There’s a variant cover for IDW Transformers #1 that has been kept relatively in the dark for now, and we at the Allspark are curious about it! A cover variant has been seen with the words “Metal Exclusive” under its issue numbering. There has been no word of how it has been or will be distributed, nor if anyone has found it yet. Note that the Metal Exclusive cover is based on Cover A by Gabriel Rodríguez and Nelson Dániel, and is not the Retailer Incentive Foil Cover C based on Retailer incentive Cover B by Freddie E. Williams and Andrew Dalhouse.
Metal Exclusive Cover
File:TF1 cvr RE G.jpg
Other known variants of Transformers #1 are as follows:
Cover A
File:TF1 cvrA.jpg
Cover B
File:TF1 cvrB.jpg
Retailer Incentive Cover A
File:TF1 cvrRI A.jpg
Retailer Incentive Cover B
File:TF1 cvrRI B.jpg
Retailer Incentive Cover C (Foil Ver.)
File:TF1 cvrRI B.jpg
The Fellowship Exclusive Cover
File:TF1 cvr RE A.jpg
Comic Books for Kids Exclusive Cover
File:TF1 cvr RE B.jpg
Showcase Comics Exclusive Cover
File:TF1 cvr RE C.jpg
Wondercon Exclusive Cover
File:TF1 cvr RE D.jpg
One Stop Comic Shop Exclusive Cover A
File:TF1 cvr RE E.jpg
One Stop Comic Shop Exclusive Cover B
File:TF1 cvr RE F.jpg
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