Transformers Trading Card Game: Espionage Battle Card Details

Design Lead for Transformers TCG, Ken Nagle, has decided to give us a closer look at the Transformers Battle card, Espionage, from Rise of The Combiners! Espionage is a card that is played as a disruptive action in which you choose a battle icon color THEN you just look at your opponents hand and scrap a card from it that has a battle card of that color. See more below the break!

Espionage is a disruptive Action that I had designed and play tested in Wave one.
However, it felt like it fit much better in Wave 2 after introducing the green battle icon (After a battle, you can swap a card in your hand with one of your flipped green cards).
1. Since Espionage is a situational card, the green battle icon helps you find it when it’s effective or ignore it when it’s not.
2. Your opponent might have green icons as well, so you’ll often know a card in your opponent’s hand.
3. Adding another color to the game gives choosing a color with Espionage another wrinkle that we like.
4. Multicolor cards in Wave 1 like Matrix of Leadership and Roll Out! are just better because they are both orange and blue. We like that Espionage is better against these multicolor cards.
5. Rise of the Combiners introduces many Combiner teams, but some players will want some way to fight against their friend’s combiner deck. Since a Combiner can’t flip or uncombine (the rules would be just too messy) we know that once a combiner combines there’s no going back. However, since a big combiner needs an Enigma battle card, there is often a chance to use Espionage to scrap your opponent’s Enigma just before they want to combine. It’s not foolproof, but it can do the trick!
6. Finally, playing Espionage has a high skill cap. You’ll have to decide when to play it, what color to name, which card of the opponent’s to take, and when to use the green icon to put it into your hand.
Initially Espionage was just a green icon, but it wasn’t strong enough for a situational card that also requires skill to be effective. Espionage can’t do anything about an opponent’s Bolt of Lightning or other card with no battle icons. For those reasons we added a white icon since we liked the text box as is.
Until next time, may your opponent be holding the right card at the wrong time.