Transformers TCG Wave 2: Rise of the Combiners Unboxing and Pack Opening!

Rise of the Combiners is set to release tomorrow, March 1st across the United States, and our very own Kalidor has a special video opening up a box of Transformers TCG Booster packs!!! Check out the video after the cut, then discuss the exciting new additions to the Transformers TCG on our forums, Discord, and Facebook page!

You can pick up your own copy of the Wave 2 sets on Amazon here! Or put the upcoming Devastator Deck on preorder here!
And, if you’re new to the TCG and want to catch up, the Starter Set, Wave 1 Booster Box, and Metroplex Deck are available on Amazon as well.
Check out the TCG discussion at either the official Transformers TCG thread, the Allspark Discord, or on the Facebook page!