Transformers Legends Manga for LG-EX Big Powered Posted!

As the release date for Takara Tomy’s Transformers Legends LG-EX Big Powered draws nearer, they’ve shared Hayato Sakamoto’s promotional manga for the special boxset! And boy… It’s a doozy…

As posted by Takara Tomy on their store page for LG-EX Big Powered, this promotional manga is split up into three parts, each one more buckwild than the last. Of course, since these manga are all in Japanese, they’re that much more incomprehensible to westerners, but even if you can’t read it, the visuals provide plenty of entertainment value on their own!
The Beast Wars Neo prototype Unicron toy, Razorclaw from Transformers: Universe, the Vok (in the form of the 07 movie Protoform Optimus Prime toy), and G2 Go-Bot Optimus Prime are all there, what more do you need?
You can read the three part manga by following the links here, here and here!
If you can read Japanese and explain what’s actually happening or feel like lying just to mess with people who don’t know any better, head on over to our Legends manga discussion thread or our Discord server!