Takara Founder Yasuta Sato Deceased At 94

Unfortunate news for the children of Japan and across the globe from the last fifty years, as Takara founder Yasuta Sato has passed away.
Yasuta Sato was responsible for founding the company Satoh Vinyl Industries, Ltd. in 1955, which was renamed into Takara Co., Ltd. in 1967. The Takara company was responsible for the Choro-Q line of cars, the Licca-chan series of dress-up dolls, and most notably to you and me, the Diaclone and Microman toylines that were the genesis of the Transformers franchise.
NHK News Web reports that Sato died this past Tuesday, February 26, of old age, and that a funeral will be held for him exclusively for his family. The Japan Toy Foundation will host a farewell party at a yet to be announced later date.

David S