Names for BotBots Bakery Bytes figures up on!

Earlier in the year some intriguing new listings surfaced for BotBots series 1 figures — the Lawn League and Bakery Bytes tribes — with a mix of redecos and new molds that add to the eclectic first-series lineup. Curiously absent at Toy Fair 2019, these surprise figures have gone unnamed — until now, with at least one tribe getting its roster revealed. has an order page up for the Bakery Bytes 5-packs, with a shot of the cardback revealing the names of these tribe members. It seems we have:

  • Cavi T. (Cocoa Crazy redeco)
  • Chief Cherry 3.14 (Duderoni redeco)
  • Flat Flour Face (new mold, rolling pin)
  • Reci P. Cooker (Professor Wellread redeco)
  • Splatter Batter (new mold, stand mixer)

Between this, the rapidly-approaching arrival date for series 2, and the tantalizing Arcade Renegades set, there seems to be a lot of BotBots in our future. Share your excitement for these cute critters with us on the Allspark Facebook page, in the Allspark Forums, or our Discord server!