Mobile Game Creative Destruction Collaborates with Hasbro for a Bumblebee In-Game Event!

Game developer Titan Studio has announced that its mobile sandbox survival game, Creative Destruction, will be holding a special event featuring Transformers character Bumblebee, seemingly based on his Cyberverse incarnation. Players will be able to drive around in a Bumblebee-inspired vehicle or even participate in a new team-based Bumblebee battlefield mode to transform into Bumblebee himself and battle it out with enemies.
Check out the news post on the Creative Destruction site. Creative Destruction is on iOS, Google Play, standalone PC, and Steam. Let us know if you think this game might interest you in the Allspark gaming forum, in the Allspark Discord server, or on our Facebook group!

Creative Destruction is honored to introduce a special event featuring Bumblebee! Move Bumblebee forward to win special…

Posted by Creative Destruction on Thursday, March 21, 2019

Hello, big man. This is DJ Hammer. How is it going? TRANSFORMERS #DJHammer #Transformers #Bumblebee

Posted by Creative Destruction on Wednesday, March 20, 2019