IDW Publishing introduces Rubble and Geomotus in preview of new comics continuity

IDW Publishing’s Editor-in-Chief John Barber and Hasbro’s VP of Global Publishing Michael Kelly have shown off a special preview of the upcoming reboot of the Transformers comics through IGN, including the reveal of a new character – a geologist named Geomotus.

In the interview, Barber and Kelly discuss their motivations for rebooting the comics, pointing to how imposing thirteen years of continuity can be for a would-be new reader, and acknowledged that – despite their love for the previous universe – there are no plans to return to it in any form. They also hype up the new series, pointing to Brian Ruckley’s empathic take on the characters and Angel Hernandez’s ability to visually build up the world of Cybertron.

The IGN article includes a selection of preview pages from Transformers #1, showing glimpses of newborn Cybertronian Rubble and a debate between Orion Pax and Megatron. Interestingly, Orion refers to an “Ascenticon” rally, and one of the covers shown off has Starscream vandalizing a poster that very much resembles an upside down Decepticon symbol. In this new continuity, is “Decepticon” going to be a corruption of “Descenticon”…?

Other interesting details on these covers include the subject of Prowl and Chromia’s interrogation, who seems a dead ringer for Froid, from IDW’s earlier More than Meets the Eye comics.

Barber also discussed a new character, Geomotus, a character he refers to as “one of the first openly neurodivergent Cybertronians” and similar to humans with autism. While Geomotus isn’t the very first Transformers character to be portrayed this way, with Beast Wars: Uprising Trans-Mutate being a previous example, it’s heartening to see that IDW intends to keep Transformers engaged with social issues – something that has earned them much acclaim in the past.

“I think one of the things IDW can pride itself on over the course of our many Transformers series is emphasizing the humanity of Cybertronians—we’ve given them love and longing and loss and other L words. But, yeah, I think the goals of this series are very different. We’re trying to show the wonder of being alive on a planet like Cybertron and we’re trying to show even more diversity in its population. It’s really easy to make the Transformers alien and that can be fun, but it’s important to make them human, so to speak—because that’s how we relate to them.”

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