First In-Hand Look at Studio Series Long Haul!

As the first two Studio Series Constructicons begin filtering out to retail across the world, we can now look to the future and get our first in person look at one of the upcoming figures!

As found on the Transformers Universe Thailand Facebook page, this in-hand look at Studio Series Long Haul gives us a comparison of the Decepticon Dump Truck in robot mode with his original toy from the Revenge of the Fallen toyline.


RotF Long Haul is on the left, Studio Series is on the right. What a difference 10 years makes!

In case you hadn’t already heard, Long Haul is one of eight Constructicons who, once fully assembled, can combine to form the first full-sized, proper combining movieverse Devastator! The first two Constructicons to be released, Rampage and Scrapmetal, are part of the latest wave of Studio Series product and are hitting store shelves now! With a seemingly final sample out in the wild, hopefully Long Haul won’t be too far behind for the rest of us!

Thanks to Riot Control in the Allspark Discord for alerting us to this photo!

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