posts interview with new IDW Transformers writer Brian Ruckley and artist Angel Hernandez

We continue to play the waiting game as the clock ticks down to the arrival of IDW’s new Transformers continuity, and everyone’s getting more excited with each new tidbit of information revealed. has put up a great interview with Brian Ruckley, writer of the new IDW Transformers comic, and Angel Hernandez, one of the artists for the comic.

Among other things, Ruckley notes having written plenty of Prowl and Chromia, as well as introducing new characters like Rubble (who’s “pretty central from issue #1”), and exploring the landscape of an early-stages Cybertron.
Hernandez gives some insight into the artistic preparation for working on this new series, acknowledging that each series has its own “visual through-line” — and adding that he took visual inspiration from the “Chaos” saga, incorporating what sparked there into his own approach and artistic vision.

The rest of the interview is well worth the read, with answers to such questions as whether or not there will be humans on Cybertron, whether Cybertron’s war fits into the larger universe, and whether or not there will be MTMTE-like parallels to Earth conflicts and history in the new run.
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