Bumblebee Sequel to Gear up the Action

Collider interviewed Bumblebee producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to discuss a single salient point: the balance of action and character in the Transformers live action films. According to di Bonaventura, the film’s characters and the humanized Bumblebee resonated with audiences, but the film may have disappointed some viewers who’ve come to expect more action in a Transformers film.
Michael Bay’s five chapter contribution to the brand is known for its “Bayhem” action, escalating from film to film in countless pyrotechnic effects and ever-expanding setpieces, which seemed to receive much more attention than its characters and conflicts. Travis Knight’s Bumblebee took the focus from the action to the characters, developing a bond between its lead characters and the viewer.
Di Bonaventura describes this simply as “[t]wo different films, two different attempts,” each meeting a different goal. For Bumblebee’s sequel, he aims to strike a balance, which means including “a little more Bayhem” this time around.
There’s no indication what this might mean regarding di Bonaventura’s apparent plans for another potential Transformers sequel project he’s at work on, a film following the Bay film series from where it left off in The Last Knight. While it seems likely that this sequel might attempt a similar balance, bringing some of Bumblebee’s heart into Bay’s series in turn, the film isn’t discussed at all in the Collider interview.
Check out more details from di Bonaventura in the full article at Collider. Then let us know: Are you excited to see more action return to the film franchise? Worried? Share your thoughts in our Bumblebee film discussion thread on the Allspark Forums or in our Discord server.