Bumblebee on Tour

As part of the promotion campaign for the hit Bumblebee movie, prop cars from the film have hit the convention circuit. One of them made an appearance at this weekend’s Vancouver International Auto Show, and we have video from inside the event.

Coverage of the Bumblebee display begins at 2:18. The exhibit includes multiple reminders that the film is “only in theatres”, and a small screen listing some facts about the prop cars used in the film. Some items noted are that this particular Beetle was one of the models used in the film, out of a total of eight, and one was converted into an all-electric vehicle. I can’t make out the fourth factoid, and an arrow on the right side of the screen indicates there may be more.
Today is the last day of the show. If you’re in the Vancouver area, check it out.
Special thanks to YouTube member Mr Randomnezz for the video. You can find videos of the rest of the show on his channel.