Bumblebee Film Home Releases on April 2 to Include “Sector 7 Adventures” Comic

Comicbook.com reports that the home release of the Bumblebee film will include a new motion comic, with a bonus print edition included with the Blu-ray release. The comic appears to be set after the film and involves a battle with Soundwave and his cassettes, who have been adapted into the film’s half-Transformers-2007, half-G1 style.

Comicbook.com revealed the cover and opening pages of the new comic, which we’ve mirrored below. The pages feature Soundwave and his goons attacking Bumblebee, while a possible Hound appears for the rescue. Laserbeak in particular evokes both his Generation 1 and film universe designs. While the images are taken from the print version, the DVD, Blu-ray, and 4k version is described as a “motion comic”, so the presentation will be somewhat different in that form.

The cover gives the impression of a series of which this is merely one chapter, which may or may not be simply a stylistic choice. Only Paramount is credited, so there’s probably no involvement in this comic from the usual suspects at IDW.
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