Bad Siege ‘bots hit the road at the Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair!

Weeks after the New York Toy Fair, your wallets and ours have still got to be in recovery (and sweating the arrival of the coming months and their attendant toy releases), but don’t rest easy yet. March 3, 2019 was the very first day of the Australian Toy Hobby and Licensing Fair, and already there’s some cool news: the Siege Decepticons get some reinforcements, in the form of the Micromaster Sports Car Patrol and Deluxe Decepticon Barricade! The Autobots get some new Micromaster reinforcements as well, in the person of the Micromaster Off Road Patrol!
Hasbro’s ability to make the most of new tooling is in full force with these reveals, as the Sports Car Patrol takes the first wave’s Race Car Patrol for a spin with new paint jobs and some retooling.
Furthermore, the already-solicited Barricade looks to be a retool of wave 2’s Prowl, bringing the character’s live-action movie “bad cop” look into this G1-esque toyline. Intriguingly, he also seems to be a pretool for an upcoming Smokescreen, as Barricade’s sporting what looks like the Autobot diversionary tactician’s distinct toon-based headsculpt and shoulder launchers, in a manner reminiscent of TF artist Guido Guidi’s “retro style” Barricade concept art.
Update: in a tweet, Guido confirmed his involvement in designing the figure, “especially in early alt mode concept art”!

It’s not all redecos and retools, of course, as a new pair of Micromasters has arrived to add to the Autobot ranks. High Jump and Powertrain, the Off Road Patrol, are here to join the chaos! Similar to the other Micromasters, they combine to form a weapon that can be wielded by the larger figures.
Courtesy of Ben Yee’s, Hasbro Australia, and Ozformers, here are Hasbro’s official renders of these reveals.

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