Video Reviews for Upcoming Siege Leader Class Optimus Prime & More!

With the first wave of the War for Cybertron: Siege line starting to arrive in good supply in stores all over, that painful waiting period is now beginning to set in as we wait for the next wave to arrive in stores. However, one YouTube reviewer has managed to get their hands on several figures well ahead of time – including the much-anticipated (and officially unrevealed) Cybertron-style Optimus Prime!
Giving their insights through a text-to-speech program, TonTon Review has posted many reviews of upcoming Siege and Studio Series toys on their channel over the past few weeks, with the most recent (and perhaps the most significant) being the leaked Leader-class Optimus Prime.

The Siege Optimus review comes just over a week after TonTon pranked viewers by posting a review of the original Transformers: Cybertron Optimus Prime, which many a fan shared under the mistaken assumption that it was about the leaked remake before realising their mistake.
Other reviews of Siege from TonTon Review include Chromia, Ironhide, Prowl, Sixgun, and another leaked but officially unannounced toy: Greenlight with Battle Master Dazlestrike.
On the Studio Series front, you can watch their takes on the Constructicons Rampage and Scrapmetal, the Bumblebee villainess Shatter, the Studio Series release of Cogman, and the Bumblebee movie design of Optimus Prime!

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