Transformers Encore Universal Dominator Unicron

Forming out of Mini-cons in the Allspark photo studio today to battle the Chaos Bringer himself is none other than Encore Universal Dominator Unicron!  Will he best the Lord of Chaos in time to stop a Cybertron buffet, or will they end the battle in a dispute over who is the better looking twin?!?  Tune in after the jump to find out!

The Armada Unicron toy was amazing for its time.  I never imagined as a kid (or young adult) that we would get the actual Cybertronian devil in figure form.  With an imposingly large robot mode, a serviceable planet mode with crunching jaws, and even his own moon/Mini-con, he was packed with tons of play value.  Top off all of that off with tons of 5mm ports to hang Mini-cons off of and we got one great toy for the time.

Of course, as a universal singularity Unicron has come back to haunt Cybertron, and our wallets, numerous times.  This mold has been released in numerous colors schemes, sometimes with remolded parts (such as the classic G1 head) roughly 9 times between the Asian and US markets.  I have 6 of them myself, and while the 2010 and 2011 G1 styled versions have been my favorites to date, I am pretty excited about having this version.

Similar in color scheme to the 2004 Lucky Draw release, Encore Universal Dominator Unicron is based off of the end of the Armada series, where Mini-cons formed into a giant, green energy version of Unicron in order to battle with him over the fate of Cybertron.  Personally, I think I like this color scheme better than Lucky Draw figure, and it has my hopes up.  Blue Big Convoy, another redo of a Lucky Draw figure, is set to hit my mailbox soon, and these figures have me pining for a redo of my holy grail, Lucky Draw Galva Convoy.  Come on Takara, you know you want to help me stop regretting not buying that figure.  Do it!

Anyhow, I realize some people have no interest in this figure for the same reason I love it: the colors.  Some will (rightly) question my judgement due to the cost.  I’m OK with that.  I get to marvel at this emerald mini-god standing imposingly on my shelf every time I walk into my office.

There is only one regret I have regarding this figure.  When the mold was first released, had a really cool stand that allowed the figure to be displayed in planet mold.  I never got around to buying it (sadly) and now taking pictures of this figure is way more difficult.  If anyone knows where to get that stand, or a reasonable alternative, I would love to know about it!

Encore Universal Dominator Unicron gets 99/100 Powerlinx for color scheme, 80/100 Powerlinx for mold use, an 70/100 Powerlinx for price.  I do not recommend it for kids, and hope that any of you that have bought it keep it well out of their reach.  😀