Transformers BotBots: meet the Arcade Renegades!

The 2019 New York Toy Fair hit with wallet-threatening shockwaves, and their aftereffects are still being felt as each day takes us closer to new toy release dates. Courtesy of a press release from Hasbro, one such aftershock brings us new information on a new Transformers BotBots tribe: the Arcade Renegades.
These new characters were previously seen in a Toy Fair floor display (here’s RFC’s picture of it) as well as in an Instagram post by the official Transformers account. It looks like the team is a mix of video game-related items (a roll of tickets, an arcade cabinet, a pinball machine, etc) and arcade concession stand food (popcorn, a candy bar, cotton candy, etc).

It seems that their release format is one of the new things the newer BotBots waves will be trying. First off, this is the first announcement of a 16-pack, double the previous biggest assortment. Secondly, there are 16 Arcade Renegades in total, but only 12 will be in each 16-pack, with 4 randomly-packed members of other tribes — which means getting a full set of 16 might be a bit tricky.
Here’s the official description (emphasis ours):
The Arcade Renegades are true button mashers, obsessed with everything about arcade video games. These bots play to win and have the prize tickets to prove it! Collectable BOTBOTS figures are around 1-inch tall and convert between 2 fun modes—a robot and a random object—in 3 to 5 easy steps! Each Arcade Renegades Surprise pack includes 16 figures: 12 Arcade Renegades characters, and 4 random characters from other teams! For a fun unboxing surprise, mash the big orange buttons on the cabinet game-themed Arcade Renegades Surprise pack to reveal the mystery characters inside!
Arcade Renegades characters are KNOTZEL the pretzel, DRIVER TED the racing game, CLAWSOME the claw game, TUTU PUFFZ the cotton candy, OLD COOL the cabinet game, BANK SHOT the pinball machine, CACKLE CORN the popcorn, GREED FEED the ticket monster, 24K-BIT the gold coin, TANGRY TART the lollipop, SHERIFF SUGARFEET the doughnut, SWEET CHEAT the candy bar, PIXELFIN the hat, PAPA CLICK the camera, THE FIZZ the soda cup and WRIST BANNED the wrist band.
Seems like BotBots will continue to bring its signature fun names and characters, unconventional altmodes, and trading-oriented assortments. Time to make some friends and some trading plans, and there’s no better place for that than on the Allspark Facebook page, in the Allspark Forums, or our Discord server!