Transformers BotBots at Toy Fair 2019: The Weekend That Was

Toy Fair 2019 has come and gone, and as the dust settles, we can take a look at the hectic and hyped-up weekend that was. In particular, we can take stock and get a sense of what’s on tap for Transformers: BotBots for the coming months.
Earlier last week, Hasbro revealed through a set of seven new tribes (Goo Goo Groupies, Season Greeters, Spoiled Rottens, Music Mob, Swag Stylers, Fresh Squeezes, and Playroom Posse) for the toyline. This included a list of names and wave breakdowns for Series 2 (April 2019) and Series 3 (August 2019). The line continues Series 1’s single, 5-pack, and 8-pack releases, with a healthy mix of redecos and new molds.
This news would be followed by shots of the blind-box assortment for Series 2, surfacing thanks to TFW2005’s prime roller and labeled by our own Jalaguy. The names previously listed in the Screenrant article can now be matched to the mix of returning and new BotBots designs for this blind-box series.

Soon the weekend itself brought us a lovely and expansive display with looks at the new packaging styles for the upcoming waves. Series 2 will have bright green blind-bubbles (after Series 1’s red), while Series 3 has orange. took some great shots (some mirrored here) that show off the breadth of the display and the variety of figures that await release this year.
Aside from the named figures above, visible in the adorable Energon-infused mall dioramas are a blue/yellow/teal redeco of Frostferatu, a red redeco of Dimlit, a blue/white redeco of Shredder Jack, a redeco of Spud Muffin with ketchup topping and a blue chest logo, and more.

Radio Free Cybertron had some great photos of their own, also showcasing the new additions as well as good looks at the packaging and assortments. Visible in RFC’s phtos, mirrored below, are previously-unseen upcoming figures, with such altmodes as a roll of tickets, a carton of popcorn, what seems to be a swirl of cotton candy, a pinball machine, and a lidded to-go cup of coffee.

Hasbro themselves also took to social media to stir up some more love for their adorable new toyline, tossing up closer looks at the upcoming figures and even some previously-unseen BotBots (such as the Arcade Renegades) and previously-unknown names (like Ol’ Tic Toc and Lovestruck).

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, Radio Free Cybertron also got a good look at an unexpected addition: a BotBots Ultimate Collectors Guide book! With almost two hundred little critters to keep track of, this guide might be more essential than you think, and it’ll be an exciting wait to see more.

From the looks of things, this toyline is only going to get more fun as we go. Which of these reveals has you eager to get back to the BotBots challenge? Hang out with us on the Allspark Facebook page, in the Allspark Forums, or our Discord server!