The Spark in Review: February 2, 2019

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark in a chibi variety pack. This week, more complete reveals of Siege Leader Optimus followed the unveiling of MPM Jazz and Megatron, while Tiny Turbo Changers charge on.

A couple of big reveals came this week. One was in the form of a video review of Siege Leader Optimus Prime, which had only been leaked so far in a couple of photographs. Meanwhile, TakaraTomy dramatically unveiled the next two Movie Masterpiece figures, Megatron and Jazz, followed by a release of official images, continuing TakaraTomy’s coverage of the first film’s designs and including a separation feature and spine chunk for Jazz to replay his death.
In the G1 reissue line, Gears and Warpath have been sighted at US retail, and the first images have been revealed of the upcoming Decepticon cassettes.
Finally, and unexpectedly, comes the discovery of Tiny Turbo Changers Series 5, signalling that the line hasn’t been sidelined by BotBots.
In media news, IDW have released publishing solicitations for April, and new Cyberverse concept art has been revealed, documenting a bit of the show’s development process. In gaming, Earth Wars has released event details for the weekend.