TakaraTomy Reveals at Winter Wonder Festival 2019 – Blackarachnia, Star Convoy, MP G1 Bumblebee!

TakaraTomy broke big news at Winter Wonder Festival 2019 with brand new Masterpiece reveals including the rumored Bumblebee redux and the more unexpected Blackarachnia, a Generations-style Star Convoy, and more! Only robot forms are show for the two new MP and two new Generations designs, teasing us all for future reveals and photos. 

In the MP space, images from Twitter user @Chohenken at the show reveal the robot forms of both the newly animation-accurate Bumblebee and the newly extant Blackarachnia, as well as both forms of the upcoming movie Megatron. Bumblebee wildly alters the proportions from his previous Masterpiece incarnation, looking much less like the original toy and more like the cartoon rendition – the figure is rumored also to be similarly cartoon-accurate in his alternate form – while Blackarachnia follows Beast Wars MP expectations with a highly animation accurate robot mode.
In Gens, we have our first look in plastic at the upcoming Commander Class Jetfire, here wearing his optional chest armor and helmet, and shown in both modes on display with other yet-to-be-released Siege figures like Starscream and Prowl. Finally, Armada Optimus Prime and Star Convoy make a showing in Generations style test-shot form, with Armada Prime in an all new mold resembling his 2003 Deluxe and Star Convoy in an extensive rework of the Power of the Primes Evolution Optimus mold.

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