Takara Tomy posts product galleries of Siege Brunt and Jetfire!

Still on the road to Toy Fair 2019, figures we got a good look at during last weekend’s Wonderfest 2019 event are showing up again for an even better look. TakaraTomy has posted photo galleries for Weaponizer class Brunt (SG-25) and Commander class Jetfire (SG-26). These are the latest additions to the Japanese Siege line, and these photos show them off quite well, as always.
As the photos show, Brunt turns from robot to Trypticon-friendly sentry tank to an arsenal of cannon-and-tread-based weaponry.

Jetfire, on the other hand, stands quite literally alone as the only Commander class figure announced thus far. When you’re 11″ tall, that’s not so hard to do. Jetfire comes with Siege-signature battle damage deco, and armor that can give the robot mode a more G1-toy-esque look or add to the large jet mode compartment.
Interestingly, these photos consistently show a Decepticon insignia on Jetfire’s chest — with the Autobot sigil only showing up on the armor. The render from the Hasbro announcement, as well as the figure displayed at Wonderfest, had an Autobot symbol on the main body instead.
We don’t yet know if the Takara release will retain the needlessly-overwrought COMBAT system names for his many weapons, but they’re all included. Two rifles combine to form his cartoon-style dual rifle, two double-barreled blasters peg onto his arms, and four smaller weapons follow suit — and all of them can be decked out with the multiple effect parts that can also give the jet mode a semblance of booster thrust.

One wonders what other goodness will join the War for Cybertron when Toy Fair hits in a couple of days. Hang out with us as we speculate, on the Allspark Discord server, on the Allspark Forums, and on the Allspark Facebook group!