Scuf Gaming releases exclusive Bumblebee-movie themed Playstation controller – limited to 500!

As the Bumblebee movie makes its way to Japan to close out its soldily profitable theatrical run with a bang, brands continue to celebrate the movie and its plucky yellow star.

In collaboration with Paramount and Sony, custom controller designer Scuf Gaming has released an exclusive, limited-edition SCUF Vantage controller for the Playstation 4. The console control device features a slick yellow and black color scheme based on ‘Bee, with signature black and yellow striping and even artwork of the bot himself.
Don’t go looking for this on the Scuf website, though. Fittingly for a movie-themed PS4 device, the controller is available for purchase only to fans who preorder the Bumblebee movie on the Playstation Store.

Scuf Vantage controllers normally go for $229.95, but the limited-edition SCUF Vantage Bumblebee controller is priced $30 lower at $199.95, which should help it move fast — but if you want one, you’ll have to move faster, because this is limited to 500 units!
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