Photos surface for new Siege and Studio Series offerings!

Toy Fair is almost upon us, but some new offerings are already beginning to come to light. has given us a first look at upcoming Siege and Studio Series figures.
Update: reports shared from sources including TFND on Facebook have brought additional pictures to light!
From Siege we get to see Deluxe Red Alert, a first look at Voyagers Springer and Thundercracker (pictured wielding a Battle Master Blowpipe redeco), and Cybertron-style Leader Optimus Prime!

Then we’ve got looks at Voyager Class KSI Boss (43), Deluxe Class ROTF Hightower (45), Leader Class DOTM Jetwing Optimus Prime (44), and what appears to be a helicopter-mode Deluxe Class AOE Drift (47)!
KSI Boss appears to be a straight redeco of TLK’s Nitro Zeus, while Hightower is an all-new mold necessitated by his very unique altmode and robot mode — and, of course, the Devastator combination. DOTM Optimus, true to his appearance in the third Bay film, has his jetwing pack and annular weapons rack, all of which appear to form the trailer he was seen bringing into battle in that movie. Drift seems to finally bring the Cybertronian helicopter mode to something greater than a One-Step Changer (and in a more screen-accurate way, to boot). Furthermore, he has a lithe and lean-looking robot mode that wears the AOE blue/black color scheme well.

It seems that with each passing day, a new announcement or reveal is making 2019 look more and more exciting — and expensive! As always, feel free to drop by and speculate and react along with us on the Allspark Discord server, on the Allspark Forums, and on the Allspark Facebook group!