Online store listings for Siege Deluxe class Barricade and Leader class Astrotrain

Despite the onslaught of reveals that characterized Toy Fair week, a number of leaks and alternate ways of unearthing possible upcoming items have raised interesting possibilities for the War for Cybertron: Siege toyline.
Mostrecently, the rumor mill rumblings that raised Deluxe Barricade and Leader Astrotrain, among others, have gained momentum — and appear to be supported by online store listings from
The online storefront lists Barricade, a character also listed as part of Hasbro’s Toy Fair press release, alongside upcoming Deluxes Impactor and Mirage. Slated for an October 2019 release, the wave has Mirage and Impactor’s official renders, but uses a “War for Cybertron” video game render for Barricade, seemingly as a placeholder. The Hasbro description just calls him a Cybertronian vehicle, as all the characters’ listings do, so we’ve yet to truly get a sense of the character and the form he’ll take. We do know he’s not taking the form of a Micromaster, which is interesting given there’s a price point for them in this toyline.
Also listed is a Leader Class Astrotrain, scheduled for a December 2019 release. The character was last part of a Transformers toyline in Titans Return, as a Headmaster-type triple-changing Voyager class figure. There’s no accompanying photo, but it’s likely he’ll incorporate the triple-changing gimmick, possibly adding some combining armor like the other Leader class figures do. Hopefully more will become known soon.
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