Nitro Series Blitzwing and Dropkick released in the Philippines

While the strength of Travis Knight’s Bumblebee movie lay in the heart of the warm and fuzzy (and yet curiously badass) yellow Autobot, a hero is only as good as his villains — and Bee had some striking Decepticon foils in his still-going-strong solo outing. Now, wave 2 of the Energon Igniters Nitro Series debuts two new figures to the main movie line: helicopter mode Dropkick, and not-the-Air-Force jet Blitzwing.
Helicopter-mode Dropkick has seen release as a Studio Series figure, but this is Blitzwing’s toyline debut in full jet mode (there was an earlier-wave Power Series retool of ROTF Megatron with Blitzwing’s head). We suppose he’s happy just to finally be legitimized in plastic form, after the identity issues he ran into in the run-up to the film’s release.
These seem to have started popping up in stores in most places — and a report from a Philippines-based Allsparker indicates that these two are the latest troublemakers to show up there.

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