New York Toy Fair video featuring new Bumblebee movie toys and BotBots Arcade Renegades

Echoes of New York Toy Fair continue to make their presence felt as Nerd News Today shares their video coverage of the Bumblebee movie and BotBots displays!

The Bumblebee movie display gives us a good look at a lot of the present and upcoming product that continues the merchandising run of the sixth live-action movie. Energon Igniters gets some followup in the form of Speed Series Cliffjumper and Power Plus series figures of van Soundwave and red-and-black truck Ironhide. A new wave of “Movie Edition” Tiny Turbo Changers, which includes a red/blue AOE/TLK Optimus Prime, TLK Scorn and VW mode Bumblebee, is visible as well.
The BotBots display coverage gives a better look at the many new figures and tribes set to debut in Series 2 and 3. Best of all, we finally get to see how Hasbro will release the line’s fiest-ever 16-pack of figures: with 8 visible and 8 blind-bubbled ones, all packaged in a beautiful arcade cabinet-themed box! Remember, not all 16 Arcade Renegades will be available in each 16-pack, so some swapping will be necessary if you plan to get a full lineup.

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