New Takara Tomy Stock Photos Reveal Limb Modes For Constructicons!

Via listings on the Takara Tomy Mall website, we have new stock photos of the Japanese Transformers distributor’s releases of Studio Series figures numbers 29 through 33! While these are all known figures, included among them are two of the upcoming Studio Series Constructicons and as part of their presence, we also get a peak at how they’ll combine into the massive, upcoming Studio Series Devastator!
As mentioned previously, these pictures were originally posted onto the Takara Tomy Mall website and give us a look at SS-29 Shatter, SS-30 Optimus Prime (in his Bumblebee movie look), SS-31 Cogman, SS-32 Scrapmetal, and SS-33 Rampage.
While not immediately visible on the two Constructicon’s store pages, we’ve also discovered through the Japanese Snakas blog two additional stock photos that depict Scrapmetal and Rampage in their combiner limb modes, forming the mighty Devastator’s left arm and leg respectively!
You can find the images reposted below. And once you check them out, head over to the Allspark forums’ Studio Series discussion thread or Discord server to share your thoughts on these new images!