Mazinger Z Meets The Transformers in New Manga!

Coming out of nowhere is a crossover none of us were expecting — Mazinger Z vs. Transformers!
Announced on Japanese comics news site Villagebooks is a new full-color manga bringing our beloved robots in disguise headfirst into the world of Go Nagai’s classic super robot story. While details on the plot are sparse (everything we know has been summed up in the previous sentence), the announcement does provide details on the creative team behind this event:

Plot: Hiroto Ishikawa
Synopsis: Naoto Tsushima
Artist: Hayato Sakamoto,
Hayato Yoshioka, Hidekazu Yoshiya, Yoshiya Yoshioka, Masayuki Fujisawa, Makoto Tsushima
Cover: Akira Nagai
Gallery Art: Funazu Nonaka, Go Oshima, Yuki Isao, Fumitaka

The announcement boasts an embrace of the American tradition of employing different artists to tell the various chapters of the story. Attentive Transformers fans might recognize some of them! The manga will also come out in three limited edition alternate covers, in addition to the standard release.

Mazinger Z vs. Transformers is due to come out on March 28, 2019, with all variants costing 1,980 JPY (plus tax). The 104-page B5-sized novel will be available at online retailers like Amazon or in brick-and-mortar bookstores across Japan.
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David S