In Package Images of Upcoming Siege Toys and Ectotron!

The siege of Siege news continues apace with new, official packaging shots of upcoming toys from the line and the Ghostbusters collaborative figure Ectotron!
Originally posted onto the Facebook page of UK based toy retailer In Demand Toys, we have four new in-box images of War for Cybertron: Siege Leader Class Optimus Prime, Battlemasters Caliburst and Smashdown, and the much heralded Transformers/Ghostbusters collaborative figure Ectotron! Check these product shots out below!

While estimated release dates for these figures on retailers like Hasbro Pulse and Amazon place them relatively far out in the year, these product shots give hope that they might see release sooner rather than later!
To discuss these images, head over to the War for Cybertron: Siege or Ectotron discussion threads or the Allspark Discord server!