Hasbro Updates on Facebook with New Cyberverse Including Gnaw and Alpha Trion

Hasbro has released renders to their Facebook page featuring new figures in Cyberverse’s Ultimate, Ultra, Warrior, Scout, and 1-Step classes, including a second helping of Skybyte and new arrivals Alpha Trion and Gnaw and a Scout figure based on Transformers: Prime’s Scraplets. The render assortment also includes previously seen images of the new Spark Armor figures.

Posted on Hasbro’s Facebook page, the renders show both forms and gimmicks of each of the figures, though the Spark Armor figures‘ unadorned robot modes are left out. Ultimate Class gains Grimlock, with a tail cannon gimmick, while Ultra features Alpha Trion, whose robot mode skews much more G1 than his Titans Return figure in a way that may please some collectors (along with an alt mode that follows roughly in the Vector-Prime-derived Titans Return design.) Sharkticon Gnaw joins the Warrior class, and the Scouts gain the Scraplet. The 1-Step figures include a Shockwave with an indescribable alt mode and a second figure of Skybyte, hinting that the fan favorite character might be getting some more future exposure.
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