Hasbro Launches Pulse Shop with Ecto-1, Masterpiece, and Siege Preorders, $9.99 Deluxes, Free Shipping Deal

Hasbro has launched a new Pulse store targeting a somewhat different slice of fans than their previous HasbroToyShop, offering the suite of collector-focused lines like War for Cybertron, Studio Series, and others under exclusives deals, with preorders open now for Siege Wave 2. Strike now for $9.99 Deluxe preorders and to lock in free shipping for the entire calendar year!

The sleek new store page includes connections to HasLab and the Hasbro Pulse collector communication branding, and of course, its own first exclusive figure, the Ghostbusters collaborative Ectotron.
The store offerings have been in flux this morning with new items added while others disappear. We’ve confirmed a sighting of Siege Wave 2 Deluxes back at the incredible $9.99 price tag from HasbroToyShop as well as the previously seemingly TakaraTomy exclusive Masterpiece Bumblebee 2.0 and Bluestreak +. Our fingers are crossed here that these items are being added and hidden in advance of a Toy Fair announcement, but at least one order for the Wave 2 Deluxes has been confirmed.
UPDATE: The listings have returned! Siege Wave 2 Deluxes are listed under the Generations category at $9.99, though Prowl and Ironhide have already sold out, while the new Masterpiece Bumblebee squeaks in under $120.
None of that should spoil the mood for items like Studio Series Bonecrusher and Dark of the Moon Megatron available, or Siege Starscream and Soundwave up for preorder, with free shipping for all orders until February 23 – and locked in for future purchases this year.
The store also comes with a membership package including the same free shipping, exclusive sales and deals, and other unspecified perks.
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