Hasbro declares Bumblebee a “new storytelling universe”

Confirming what many fans have been thinking since the movie was released, Hasbro representatives at Toy Fair this weekend declared 2018’s Bumblebee to be a “new storytelling universe” for the Transformers franchise.
Despite multiple plot points that make Bumblebee incompatible with the previous Transformers movies (most notably The Last Knight and its backstory of Bumblebee being on Earth during World War II), producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura had previously stated that the film was entirely in continuity with the previous entries.
However, it appears that Hasbro have changed their minds, and – in recognition of the reshoots and new scenes that made the film incompatible with The Last Knight – are considering Bumblebee to be a reboot going forwards… though, of course, what corporate executives mean by a “storytelling universe” can often be hard to determine.

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