Ectotron origin comic from IDW Publishing announced!

Today, Hasbro revealed the new Transformers/Ghostbusters mash-up figure Ectotron. Now they’ve announced that the character will also star in a five-issue origin comic from IDW Publishing! Read on for the details!

Here’s what Hasbro’s press release has to say about Ectotron’s upcoming fiction debut:

The Ghostbusters have a new, out of this world teammate and fans will be able to meet the all new TRANSFORMERS character ECTOTRON in his epic origin story by IDW Publishing. A brand new 5-part series from creative team Erik Burnham & Dan Schoening begins in June 2019.

Burnham and Schoening may not be familiar to Transformers readers, but they’re the writer-artist team behind much of IDW’s popular Ghostbusters output, including one of the special 35th Anniversary one-shots due out in April. If previous crossovers like TMNT/Ghostbusters are anything to go by, this new mini-series is likely to be an in-continuity tale in IDW Ghostbusters canon!
With IDW’s Star Trek vs. Transformers wrapping up soon, it seems we won’t have to wait long before the Transformers dive head first into another pop-culture mashup! Head over to the Allspark Forums to discuss the news with other fans!