Cyberverse “Spark Armor” Toys Revealed – Featuring Sky-Byte!

Via Kotaku, Hasbro has revealed a new line of Cyberverse toys set to debut in 2019, revolving around a new “Spark Armor” gimmick. These toys each include a small vehicle companion that can split into a set of armor parts for the main figure to wear. Included among the initial line-up is a Cyberverse version of Sky-Byte, perennial fan-favourite from the 2001 Robots in Disguise cartoon! Read on to check out the stock renders.

Battle Class
The basic Spark Armor assortment is Battle Class, which will retail for 14.99USD, and features Jetfire, Prowl, Sky-Byte and Starscream.

Elite Class
The pricier Elite Class assortment will retail for 24.99USD, with more elaborate armor vehicles, and features Bumblebee, Megatron and Optimus Prime.

Ark Power Optimus Prime
Finally, the centerpiece of the Spark Armor line is “Ark Power Optimus Prime”, retailing for 49.99USD. This 12-inch figure’s vehicle companion is the Autobot Ark spaceship, which recently played a key role in the first season finale of the Cyberverse cartoon!

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