Leaks Existence of Siege Apeface

Canadian online toy store has posted a listing for a previously unannounced War for Cybertron: Siege Voyager class toy of the Decepticon Apeface.The listing (which, amusingly, includes the infamous “Stege” logo) gives no details or images about the toy, but is priced the same as other Voyager class toys from the Siege line available for pre-order on the site. The absence of Apeface and his fellow Horrorcon Snapdragon from the Voyager assortment of the previous Titans Return line was the subject of some confusion from the fandom, as it consisted of large triple-changing toys with removable Headmaster partners – seemingly perfect for the Horrorcons, which used both elements as gimmicks. Can we expect to see a return of the Titan Master gimmick for this new toy of Apeface? Only time will tell!

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