BotBots series 2 blindbox codes!

As a Transformers fan it can be hard to get a handle on the passage of time. We’ve still got about a month and change to go before April, when BotBots series 2 is supposed to hit saturation — but the toys seem all packed up and ready to roll out. Blacklai’s Toy Base has even gotten a full box of the series 2 blind box assortment, and has put up codes and in-hand pictures of each new BotBot!
We’ve gathered up the posted codes here (note Blacklai’s original post had some confusion over 12 and 21) and mirrored Blacklai’s photos as well for easier identification.
This batch is a good mix of bots: those previously only available in multipacks, and new molds (with the latter mostly found in the second half). It’s also got good representation from tribes old and new, so it’s a great introduction to the new series.
1 – Sippyberry (Slippy Slurps redeco)
2 – Captain Swoon (Sudsbeard redeco)
3 – The Detangler (the Poo Sham redeco is finally named!)
4 – King Candyhooves (Unilla Icequeencone redeco)
5 – TV Cop (Goob Tube redeco)
6 – Ice Sight (Dr. Moggly redeco)
7 – Glitchface (Screen Fiend redeco)
8 – PB Junior (Angry Cheese redeco)
9 – Must Turd (Fottle Barts redeco)
10 – Mr. Sandy Man (Grit Sandwood redeco)
11 – Tropic Guzzlerush (Arctic Guzzlerush redeco)
12 (or 21) – Javasaurus Rex (coffee machine)
13 – Grumpy Clumpy (carton of spoiled milk)
14 – Atomic Freeze (Sippy Slurps redeco)
15 – Drumbeats (drum set)
16 – Pink Key Pop (keytar)
17 – Ollie Bite (baseball cap)
18 – Frizzle Fry (hair dryer)
19 – Sir Botcha (bottle of chili sauce)
20 – Techtonic Sonic (speaker set)
21 (or 12) – Songwave (smart speaker)
22 – Hamurai (leg of spoiled ham)
23 – Over Pack (backpack)
24 – The IN-Sole (sneaker)

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