atmos and Takara Tomy to release exclusive LeBron James Safari XVI and Masterpiece Convoy redeco!

It may be on the way out thanks to MP44, but the MP10 mold is still a star in many circles.
Seemingly following in the, er, footsteps of the Wonderfest 2019-announced sneaker collaboration redecos of MP10, and more distantly of the Calvin Johnson-themed redeco of Thrilling 30 Megatron, Japanese sneaker retailer atmos has announced a collaboration with Takara Tomy that will yield an exclusive redeco of MP10 Convoy, alongside an exclusive edition of the LeBron James Safari XVI.
To be released on March 2, 2019, the Nike LeBron XVI Low AC in the exclusive “Safari” yellow and gray colorway will go for Y17,500 plus tax, while the similarly-colored “atmos Safari LeBron James ver” MP10 Convoy redeco — emblazoned with the atmos logo and the basketball star’s branding — will go for Y20,000 plus tax.

So, does this fit into your Masterpiece collection? Or do you feel more like getting a new pair of shoes? Both, perhaps? Let us know on the Allspark Discord server, on the Allspark Forums, and on the Allspark Facebook group!