Amazon Listings Reveal Wave 4 Siege Battlemasters

Wave 4 of the War For Cybertron: Siege toyline has slowly been leaking out over the course of the past week in addition to its likely reveal at Toyfair this weekend. Amazon has posted listings for two Battlemasters “Caliburst”, a Decepticon Targetmaster, and Smashdown, an Autobot Minotaur Hammer. Read on for pictures!

First up is a rather standard entry in Caliburst, spiced up with one of the cooler energy blasts and nice purple hues, you can see his listing here while it’s up.

The second, and new, Battle Master, is Smashdown, a Minotaur-like robot who transforms into an intimidating Warhammer with a smashing, uh, ‘smash’ energy splash. Smashdown is a new character so I’m going to assume she’s a girl until(And after, honestly.) told otherwise, because Transformers needs more of those, always. You can see her listing¬†here.

Speaking personally, I’ve found the new Battle Master characters to really shine in comparison to the Targetmaster remasters among their ranks, but you might disagree! Tell us why in either the official War for Cybertron: Stege thread, the Allspark Discord, or on the Facebook page!