The Spark in Review: January 4, 2019

The Spark in Review is a retro revisit of your nostalgia for five minutes ago. This week, Soundwave joins the reissue lineup, new covers were teased for the new IDW Transformers comic continuity launching in March, and someone’s selling a whole hive of Bumblebees.
Details are scant, but Soundwave appears to be joining the Walmart G1 reissue lineup soon, complete with his original pack-in partner Buzzsaw. Meanwhile, Soundwave has also joined the Energon Igniters movie lineup along with Ironhide, Ratchet, and Blitzwing, with Soundwave presented in a particularly G1 style.
In Transformers media news, IDW have shared their covers for the newly rebooted Transformers comic series coming in March, including a stunningly stylish piece by Anna Malkova. Per usual, Cyberverse has launched episode 17, “Awaken Sleeping Giants”, on YouTube.
Transformers: Earth Wars has released event details for this weekend in a solo prime core event.

And out in the 1:1 scale world, an auction is set to launch later this month for four modern Camaro Bumblebee cars used in the filming of Michael Bay’s movie series, representing Bee in each of his silver-screen forms over the course of the franchise. We assume the seller just got a Beetle instead.
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