The Spark in Review: January 25, 2019

The Spark in Review is the week’s news at Allspark in fully articulated homage form. This week, we get another peek at Siege Leader Optimus, we’ve launched galleries for Siege Shockwave and the Golden Lagoon Autobot set, and new combiner reveals have hit the Transformers TCG.

After last week’s reveal of Siege Leader Optimus in his Transformers: Cybertron derived glory, this week brought us a small look at his equally emulative vehicle mode, closely matching the combat fire truck from the 2005 series. We’ve also released our own gallery and review of Siege Shockwave and gallery of the Golden Lagoon Beachcomber, Perceptor, and Seaspray set.
Outside the Transformers sphere, images have been released for figma SSSS Gridman, a highly stylized and dynamic, non-combining rendition of the character.
In media, the Allspark community has released a translation of the Binaltech finale comic strip “Outlier”. Another latter-day completion of an old story comes in IDW’s new Star Trek comic series, Year Five, focusing on the end of the original five-year mission. And sequel hopes are percolating for Travis Knight’s Bumblebee as the movie continues to show favorable returns.
In gaming, new reveals continue from the Transformers TCG with Volcanicus and Menasor revealed for Rise of the Combiners. Meanwhile, Metroid Prime 4 has been significantly set back as the project’s current state has been scrapped. Finally, the weekend’s event details in Transformers: Earth Wars have been released, offering a G1 power core.
That’s us for the week, but you can check out last week’s Spark in Review for more or keep up to the minute on our ForumsDiscord server, or Facebook page.