The Spark in Review: January 18, 2019

The Spark in Review is a second look at this week’s news at Allspark. We’ll keep this quick, but this week, a retool of Siege Ultra Magnus as Cybertron Optimus Prime, a Movie Blitzwing with an Animated touch, and the first Transforming slice of pie have all come to light.

The biggest news this week was the leak of Siege’s Leader Optimus Prime, an unexpected Cybertron-influenced rendition built from the Ultra Magnus mold. Only one clear photograph of the toy has been circulated. While we’ve seen the inner robot represented in comic art before, this is the first we’ve seen of the armored form, closely based on the appearance of the Cybertron character down to what appear to be false-kibble wheels in his wings.
In another unexpected cross-generational reference, Bumblebee-movie-based Nitro Series Blitzwing was found to include a second face based on his Animated incarnation. And in one final bit of toy news, two new series of BotBots figures were revealed in the Bakery Bytes and Lawn League tribes, including several new molds and a color change feature.
Reveals for Wave 2 of the Transformers TCG continue as well, including action and character cards in addition to the previously revealed combiner cards. And in the more video sorts of games, Transformers: Earth Wars has revealed event details for the weekend.
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