Siege Leader Optimus Leaked!

Update: Check out a clear in-hand image below floating around Twitter!

Our worlds are in danger! YouTube channel TonTon Review has been quick to the draw when it comes to early toy reviews, and today they have brought us something interesting — a very pixelated image of a new Siege toy!

With background artwork matching that of the backs of War for Cybertron: Siege packaging, this image gives us our first look at what appears to be a retool of Leader class Ultra Magnus into the Transformers: Cybertron version of Optimus Prime! Boasting 21 steps to his transformation, the figure seemingly retains Magnus’s leg armor, while overhauling the rest of the armor to better resemble the Autobot leader of 2005.
This new image lines up with Chinese listings purporting a Leader Optimus in the Siege toyline, and officially released artwork for the IDW comics relaunch depicts Optimus with a version of the Siege Magnus inner robot that has the Cybertron design’s truck cab for a chest.

Excited to learn more about this possible throwback to the Unicron Trilogy? Skeptical of its validity? Sick and tired of Optimus toys either way? Tell us how you feel in the forums, the Discord server, or the Facebook group.

David S