Predaking Arrives in TF TCG Wave 2!

Big news for fans of the Transformers Trading Card Game! Our first batch of information about Wave 2 has come in, and it brings with it an earth-shaking new mechanic.

UPDATE: The official Transformers TCG social media pages have posted a video clip to show how the folding/transforming action of the cards work.

Wizards of the Coast via Kotaku has revealed initial details about the second set of cards featuring our favorite Cybertronians. Titled Rise of the Combiners, this expansion includes 81 battle cards and 46 new character cards. Introduced in this expansion is the combiner mechanic, allowing players to merge multiple select character cards into one super robot.

Revealed to be one of six gestalt teams in this set is Predaking, and his five components Razorclaw, Divebomb, Rampage, Headstrong, and Torox. The character cards of these component Predacons appear to have both Bot and Alt modes printed on the same card face. The only members reuse art originally created for the defunct mobile game Transformers Legends, as is standard practice for the TCG.

Key to the combiner mechanic are the Enigma battle cards, whose requirements must be met in order for a team to combine. For the Predacon Enigma, that means all five Predacon character cards must be in Bot mode in the battlefield or in the KO area. Damage accumulated by the individual bots is kept on Predaking.
When the Predacons assume Combiner mode, the reason for their unique card design is made clear — the backs of the five character cards connect to form the image of Predaking // Ferocious Hunter! Boasting a beefy 37 Health, Predaking has 5 available Weapon slots. The gestalt maxes out the current character limit of 25 stars, and reuses artwork from Power of the Primes.
In order to combat the Combiner menace, this set is also receiving some backup with the Combiner Hunters! One of them at least. Featuring what appears to be new artwork based on the 2015 Comic-Con exclusive figure, the Super Rare Windblade // Combiner Hunter has a Bot mode effect specifically targeting Combiner characters.

The Rise of the Combiners expansion is due for release on March 1st, presumably in North America before other territories.

David S