More TCG Goodness! Wave 2 Spoilers Continue

Spoiler season is in full swing for the Transformers Trading Card Game, as Wizards of the Coast has provided several fansites and content creators with exclusive card reveals! Let’s dig into these additions to Rise of the Combiners.

First up is Wossy Plays, who was provided two characters cards and two battle cards to present.

Megatron // Arrogant Ruler makes for the third character card of the Emperor of Destruction, and this version continues the trend of playing with his upgrades. Bluestreak // Reluctant Soldier plays well in decks with all three original Battle Icon colors, pulling off a quick transformation with the right flips. The one-star (!) upgrade card Mounted Missiles is an asset in an aggressive deck, adding Attack and providing two orange pips on a flip. That it has the capacity of being used in any upgrade slot makes it all the more compelling to implement, but one must be aware of the star cost. Field Communicator works for decks with Specialists and operate on moving the deck as much as it can.
Next up are the boys of the [email protected] podcast, who were also given two character cards and two battle cards to discuss. Aaron and Chris provided some tech ideas for the cards they got to debut.


The Planes are given a big boost with the addition of two more Seeker characters. Acid Storm // Toxic Terror arrives to relieve Skywarp of 6-star duty in the typical Planes deck, and brings with him some protection against Bold-focused aggro decks. Flying in beside him is Thrust // Supersonic Interceptor, a 10-star Plane with a fascinating alt mode ability that lets him attack without getting tapped.
TF TCG strategy website Vector Sigma was sent new old bot Decepticon Venin // Insecticon Tyrant to reveal and analyze. In their article they go into a bit of personal history with the Insecticons before exploring the possibilities with this new character card and providing a prelimimary decklist to make the most out of the renamed Deluxe Insecticon.

The YouTube-based TF TCG analysis outfit Wreck ‘n Rule was given a single battle card to debut, an aggressive orange pip action.

Reckless Charge bolsters decks with a “hit first” strategy, but at a price. Decepticon Crown is a faction-specific utility card that gives the wearer the ability to Plan – a new keyword for Wave 2. The card also has the distinction of being the only one revealed so far to have a white-green pip combo.
Finally, Tabletop Gaming was given two battle cards to exclusively reveal, both featuring the curious new green battle icon. Their article explores the mechanic, as well as the archetypes that these new battle cards represent.

A promising suite of cards overall! Check out the individual videos and articles for a deeper look by each of the spoilerers involved, and watch out for the Rise of the Combiners set coming out March 1st!
Intrigued by the new avenues of gameplay being opened up? Thinking of revisiting your strategies? Would you rather just see more combiners? Talk about the new set and these reveals over in the TCG forum thread or the Discord server’s gaming channel.

David S