Live-Action Movie Bumblebee Four-Pack in 1:1 Scale – Film Cars Set for Auction

Fans not impressed with the Transformers: Tribute Evolution three-pack and its garage full of Deluxe movie Bumblebees probably won’t be netting this particular exclusive four-pack release, either. Prop cars from four of the Transformers films and representing all of Bumblebee’s modern Camaro forms are set to be sold at a collector car auction later this month.

The cars, penned for auctioned as a set, are reported to include the 2007 car (after alterations to create the the Revenge of the Fallen variant) and the Bumblebee cars from the following three movies. That makes a car for every sequel. There’s no more expensive way to showcase the rise and fall of a franchise.
You could be Sam Witwicky or Cade Yeager behind the wheel in your own garage – but only in your own garage, as the vehicles aren’t street legal. Check out the full story at Motor Authority, from which we’ve mirrored the images below.

Do you have a favorite Camaro look for Bumblebee? What would you do with a garage full of them? Come let us know on the Allspark Forums, our Discord server, or our Facebook page. Thanks to Allspark member Patchouli Knowledge for giving us the heads up on this story.