IDW Shares New Rebooted IDW Transformers covers!

Steam is picking up for IDW’s upcoming reboot of their Transformers comics, and as part of the building hype, Senior Editor Tom Waltz has shared three new covers!
First shared on his Waltz’s Twitter, these covers feature art by IDW Transformers veteran and fan favorite Nick Roche, rebooted series artist Ron Joseph, and Transformers fan Anna Malkova making her debut into the world of official Transformers media! Additionally, shortly after Waltz shared these images, his fellow IDW editor David Mariotte also shared the final version of Nick Roche’s cover, featuring colors by Josh Burcham! You can view all four images below or by following the links to Waltz and Mariotte’s Twitters.

First announced and solicited last month, IDW’s rebooted Transformers universe is slated to begin in March of 2019. Written by Brian Ruckley with art by Angel Hernandez and Ron Joseph, the new universe will tell a tale set before the Autobot/Decepticon war has begun where Cybertron is still at peace. At the moment, specific details are still slim, but as David Mariotte has promised, there’s more on the horizon soon!
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