I Want Two! MPM Jazz and MPM Megatron Revealed

After months of rumors and speculation, we have at last been treated to a look at the next two Movie Masterpiece figures! MPM Jazz and MPM Megatron were officially revealed at an event hosted by TMall, a Chinese retailer serving as the flagship Transformers store in the region.

MPM Megatron comes with his two-arm fusion cannon, a miniaturised Allspark Cube, and what appears to be an articulated chain for his flail arm. MPM Jazz includes a figurine of Sam Witwicky holding the Cube, the crescent cannon, and the poor Autobot’s own spine, which can be attached to his torso in conjunction with a body-separation function.
Check out the images below for details, and see a video of Jazz’s separation feature in video form via TOYPLUS on weibo.

The event was streamed on TaoBao, although the requirement of a registered account prevented many international fans from viewing. Instead, pictures from the event have been provided by Weibo users IAMONFIRE and TOYPLUS.
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David S