Golden Lagoon Beachcomber, Perceptor, and Seaspray Gallery!

Bringing the bling back into the Allspark Studios this weekend is the Golden Lagoon 3-pack!  Will the gold plastic crumble in your hands?  Will the vac-metal paint flake off in your display?  Sources say not anymore, but WHO believes sources!?! Stay tuned for my update report in…I mean really, who knows?  10 years to…never? Anyhow, check out the gallery after the break!

Most of you already have these molds by now, so you know they are great updates of some of our favorite legacy characters.  While I imagine quite of few of our readers will have no need for this set, I have a soft spot in my heart for the weird moments in Transformers history (I display Animorphs ;D) and I decided to add these golden beauties to my TF weirdness menagerie.

Part of me was worried about damaging the paint, so like before, I seriously wore gloves the entire time I handled them.  Additionally, part of me still worries about GPS and vac-metal flaking, though the former is supposedly resolved by changes in the chemical composition of the gold plastic they now use in production, and the latter has not happened to any of my newer Transformers that have had vac-metal paint.

Unless some serious clearance discounts occur, I will not likely purchase and shoot the Golden Lagoon MP-10 Prime.  That’s a price I definitely cannot justify.  For now, enjoy this gallery of figures you likely won’t feel the need to buy, and I will likely never pull out of their box again.  😉