Animated-Inspired Nitro Series Blitzwing?

Via Indonesia-based Transformers fan Ken Adrian comes news of something unexpected – a new variant or gimmick for the Nitro Series Blitzwing toy from the Bumblebee line, inspired by the character’s Animated counterpart! Read on for details!
In two posts on the unofficial TFWiki Facebook group, Adrian has provided photos of the “random face” Blitzwing, found at retail in Indonesia. With the big red eyes and zig-zag mouth, it’s unmistakably inspired by Animated Blitzwing, and his three separate faces. Check them out below, alongside the movie-accurate face we’ve seen previously.

What’s currently unclear is whether this face represents a variant version of the toy, or if this is our first evidence of a face-swapping gimmick. Notably, the plate in front of the head is a different shape between the two faces – could the whole head flip down into the cockpit, and a new one rotate up to take its place?
Regardless of the exact situation, it’s interesting to see Hasbro taking more steps to connect the new film version of Blitzwing – who on-screen is essentially just a generic Seeker – to previous versions of the character. Available in the Power Series size is a Blitzwing toy with a tank alternate mode, alluding to his usual status as a Triple Changer.
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