Travis Knight Reveals We Could Have Seen Megatron In The Bumblebee Movie!

Via, an interview with Bumblebee movie Director Travis Knight and Writer Christina Hodson has revealed that was a time that the evil Decepticon Leader Megatron could have been seen wreaking havoc in the Bumblebee movie!

Bumblebee Director Travis Knight revealed that, early in the movies production, he had plans to feature Megatron  in the movie.

I had this whole thing boarded where we see [Decepticon Leader] Megatron and he comes in like Sauron, just blowing shit up and laying waste to everything.

Sadly, this was not to be, as Knight realized that, if Bumblebee was to remain in-continuity with the original 2007 Transformers movie (and its sequels), then the Decepticon tyrant couldn’t appear. As he was frozen on Earth during the events of the Bumblebee movie.

So even though i wanted to see Megatron on the battlefield at the fall of Cybertron, i couldn’t do it. I wanted to put as much of this G1 stuff i loved in there and so i put my favourite characters in. Obviously, there are ones i wish i could put in there and i would love to see an entire movie about the fall of Cybertron, because i think it’s awesome, but just to be able to visit it for a moment, to see the Cybertron from my imaginations on the big screen, it was a real thrill.

Thus, despite the fact that the previous movies have sometimes played a little fast-and-loose with their continuity, Knight had to drop his plans for a terrifying entrance by our favourite Emperor of Destruction. Still, an entire film about the fall of this movie universes Cybertron. An enticing thought, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Writer Christina Hudson spoke about how she wanted focus on the relationships, characters and other elements she loved about the Transformers’ franchise.

The thing i personally connected to the most in [Michael Bay’s] Transformers 1 is that bond between the boy and his car. I knew going into this room that i wanted to do the story of a girl and her car. I was very lucky to be able to make it Bumblebee, because Bumblebee is my favourite. I always loved him. I tried to make it its own thing and i think we naturally got to a good place where hopefully people will be happy.

Well, if audience reactions are anything to go by, the Bumblebee movie is full of all the heart, soul and nostalgic wonder that Travis Knight and Christina Hodson were aiming for.
Bumblebee is in Cinemas right now.
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